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I have trained with Kerri for 12 years.  Now that says something!! Kerri is a professional, positive and inspiring trainer who is passionate about fitness and nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  She is very knowledgable in all of these fields and is constantly pushing me to keep me motivated.  Sometimes I feel like she is my coach, sometimes my teacher and often my friend.  Kerri always encourages me to work my hardest with a customized workout program that gets results.  The advantage of having a personal trainer like Kerri is she can determine your goals and set up the best possible routine for you to achieve them.  

- Pam Elmets

When you get a touch older everyone says, “Don't fall.” Excellent advice. I've been working out with Kerri for 12 years. I've had a couple trip and falls over the years, however the best news here, I didn't break anything or even get hurt! That I attribute to working out  with Kerri. We focus on functional movements and also incorporate resistance training. I feel that under her skilled instruction, I have strengthened my core, improved my balance and kept osteoporosis at bay. Kerri has not only vastly improved my overall health, but also graced my life with her caring friendship. 

 - Pat Loewen 

Kerri has been my savior! Three years ago I went from a home care provider to activities assistant. At the time I was 64. If I was going to keep up with my co workers, I needed to make a change. I needed to increase my strength and stamina and lose weight. 


Before this, I had never worked out. Kerri changed all that. She welcomed me and never judged me. It was definitely a challenge. I work with Kerri two times a week and with her help and guidance, I started a regular exercise and healthy eating regimen. Kerri truly has an understanding of her clients and does everything to help them reach their goals. Thank you Kerri!!

- Charlotte Riley

I was a client of Kerri Mandes from 2013 - 2018. She provided personal training and also functional fitness (group classes). She is a very caring and attentive trainer. Kerri listens to your needs and creates a plan to help you reach your goals. Her training helped my endurance and strength and I enjoyed the group classes with the team we had. We all pushed each other to do better and Kerri was the inspirational leader motivating us each week. Kerri still reaches out and provides support when needed and has offered additional classes, since my prior gym closed. I appreciate all the support and guidance she has provided over the years. Kerri is a true professional in the health/fitness industry who will help you reach your desired results.

- Jodi Williams

Kerri is a highly skilled professional. For health and nutrition, she is the absolute best!

I’ve been seeing Kerri at least weekly since my doctor strongly recommended her a year ago. Because I had health issues at the time, we started off easy, and now most high intensity workouts are quite challenging. She tailors each session for what’s needed that day. The exercise variety and coaching I receive makes the hour fly by. She focuses on form and motivates me to do my best. Kerri has so much integrity and is always pleasant and patient. I love my workouts and I feel great afterward.

Kerri is very knowledgeable, has a degree in Kinesiology, and stays current on her training certifications. I follow her exact advice about fitness and nutrition for optimum health and well- being. I now feel confident, strong, and energetic. My mind is sharp and my skin is healthier looking. My blood pressure is low and resting heart rate is below 60 bpm. My Orthopedics doctor was amazed at the strength and health of my replaced shoulder. I’m 61 yrs old, 168 lbs of lean muscle, medication free, and feeling mentally and physically better than ever.

I recommend Kerri if you are old, sick, overweight or injured (like I was); just looking to stay healthy (like I am); or want to excel athletically (like she has). She is the strongest woman I’ve ever met and can do over 200 pushups.

She will continue to be my fitness coach, my nutrition advisor and my mentor for a long time. Thank you for the renewed life Kerri!!!

- D. Saia


I have been training with Kerri for almost 6 years. My workouts are challenging, but she motivates me to keep going. She is a great trainer and is very supportive. She has helped me achieve my weight loss goals. I have lost a total of 60 lbs and I feel amazing. Thank you Kerri.


- Jennifer Sellick


Kerri has what it takes.  With Kerri as my fitness instructor I lost 90 lbs. She is quick to motivate and inspire,  she has awesome workouts and knows how to keep you interested.

She has an intrinsic knowledge of nutrition and fitness and is willing to go beyond measure to help you through the process of reaching your goal.  Do yourself a favor and use Kerri.

- Andrew Morris


For over three years, I have been fortunate to have Kerri as my personal fitness instructor. Kerri's skills and expertise in physical fitness, weightlifting, running/biking, aerobic conditioning are exceptional. I had a stroke 6 years ago. Through Kerri’s patience and knowledge, I have regained and retrained my body. My balance, stability and overall strength are back and better than ever. I am in fantastic physical shape. I have also learned a great deal about diet and nutrition with the help of Kerri's knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend Kerri as a talented, dedicated and skilled personal fitness instructor.

- Mark Conley

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