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Kerri is an experienced personal trainer, wellness coach and nutritionist who is known for advocating for her clients’ health through integrated and comprehensive health coaching. With 16 years of experience training and guiding clients, Kerri has gained expertise in several areas of the fitness and nutrition industry, including weight loss, functional training, strength training and high intensity training (HIT).


After completing a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an option in Exercise and Nutrition from California State University at Eastbay Hayward, Kerri began her career in wellness coaching at 32. After 5 years of working in a training studio and a few larger clubs, Kerri realized her passion for personal fitness and wellness training, and began her own business.


Connecting with clients on a personal level by embracing their goals and advocating for their success has allowed for demonstrated results in all of Kerri’s clients. Kerri’s clients learn how integrate wellness into their lives by elevating fitness levels through engaging, supportive and individualized sessions while also learning the core values of leading a healthy and fulfilling life.  


As a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 2, Kerri understands the importance of balancing a healthy body and mind with an active and busy lifestyle. Kerri offers flexible training and meeting hours to best suit individual clients and ensure their personal wellness goals are achieved.


Always seeking to further her education in personal wellness and health, Kerri has earned the following certifications: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer; Certified Health Coach in Integrative Nutrition; Certified Pilates Instructor; Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer; USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

 "As your coach, I will ensure that you execute each exercise properly for maximum results and minimize any chance of injury. Most importantly, I will be there to support and motivate you and hold you accountable."

- Kerri Mandes 

I have been training with Kerri for almost 6 years. My workouts are challenging, but she motivates me to keep going. She is a great trainer and is very supportive... READ MORE


- Jennifer Sellick

I have trained with Kerri for 12 years.  Now that says something!! Kerri is a professional, positive and inspiring trainer who is passionate about fitness and nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  She is very knowledgable in all of these fields and is constantly pushing me to keep me motivated... READ MORE

- Pam Elmets

When you get a touch older everyone says, “Don't fall.” Excellent advice. I've been working out with Kerri for 12 years. I've had a couple trip and falls over the years, however the  best news here, I didn't break anything or even get hurt! That I attribute to working out  with Kerri. We focus on functional movements and also incorporate resistance training... READ MORE

 - Pat Loewen 

Kerri has what it takes.  With Kerri as my fitness instructor I lost 90 lbs. She is quick to motivate and inspire,  she has awesome workouts and knows how to keep you interested... READ MORE

- Andrew Morris

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